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Ceramic protection is a popular and most effective procedure for car body coating, offering car owners a number of advantages over other types of wax. Here are some of the reasons why people choose to use ceramic protectors to protect their cars:

  • Protection against external influences :

    • Ceramic coatings create a durable and strong protective layer on the car body. It protects against scratches, stains, corrosion, sunlight and other environmental influences. This means your car’s paint will stay bright and scratch-free for longer.

  • Water repellency :

    • Ceramic coatings significantly improve the hydrophobic properties of the car body, meaning that water and dirt do not stick to the surface. This makes it easier to wash the car and reduces the formation of water spots.

  • Adds shine and retains colour :

    • Ceramic protection brings out the colour and depth of your car, making it visually more attractive and sparkling. They give your car a remarkable shine and protect it from fading.

  • Longevity :

    • Ceramic coatings are usually long-lasting. If properly maintained, they can last for many years while retaining their protective and aesthetic qualities.

  • Easier maintenance :

    • Because ceramic coatings are highly hydrophobic and dirt-repellent, further cleaning of the car is easier and requires less effort. As a result, you save time and water.

  • Corrosion protection :

    • Ceramic tools create a barrier against moisture and salts, which is particularly useful in cold climates where salt is sprinkled on roads during snow removal operations.

CQUARTZ Professional 2020 provides highly effective protection for glass, plastic, metal and paint surfaces, making them resistant to extreme weather conditions as well as light mechanical damage. Nanotechnology-based, water and dirt repellent and providing mechanical protection, CQUARTZ Professional 2020 is a unique product that saves both nature and money.

Important to know: any ceramic protection, depending on its thickness, will not yet be able to cover scratches. In order to achieve a 100% effect, it is first necessary to get rid of existing scratches!


A ceramic coating is a liquid formulation containing various components that contribute to the formation of an invisible protection for the body paint:

The organic silica solvent allows for an even distribution of the ceramic, gives the protective layer antistatic properties and does not leave dust and hard deposits on its surface.

Ceramics also contain aluminium oxide, which is responsible for water repellency. When water gets on the surface of the paint, it rolls off in globs. Such a surface is not afraid of rain and dirt. The aluminium oxide also makes the paint resistant to temperature fluctuations, which is particularly important for those who use their cars all year round.

The titanium dioxide component is used to give the surface an excellent gloss.

Ceramic protection also contains a variety of silicates and polymers that give ceramics additional strength and wear resistance.


Thanks to the high silica content, the hardness of the ceramic coating is 9H. This means that only a 9H pencil can scratch the protected paint. If the body is not protected, a 2H pencil is sufficient to leave scratches.


The ceramic protection in the treatment of your car’s cast rims ensures they stay clean and shiny for a long time.

Regular maintenance of your vehicle’s rims will help you maintain their original appearance for a long time, reduce dirt from brake pad wear and greatly facilitate wheel washing.


Advice: By treating the rims inside and out 2 times a year, the cast rims will look like new even after several thousand kilometres.


We are certified CarPro ceramic installers and also importers. Founded in 2009, CarPro is a Korean brand focused exclusively on the production and development of high quality protection for cars and motor vehicles. A manufacturer of car care products that has quickly risen to the top of the world and whose products have been repeatedly singled out in international competitions, the range includes ceramics for the home user as well as for professionals. The range also includes ceramic coatings from other manufacturers such as Gyeon , Koch-Chemie, Angelwax , Soft99 and Korrek Pro.

Ceramic protection for your vehicle :

  • CarPro D.Quartz ( for certified installers only ) is the newest and strongest ceramic protection that increases surface scratch resistance up to 5H points. Durability 3+ years, high gloss level. Full drying time is 7 days, initial drying 8h. It is a protective coating, does not guarantee hydrophobicity and should be treated with a second ( hydrophobic ) coat.
  • CarPro C.Quartz Finest Reserve ( certified installers only ) Ceramic with excellent water repellency and durability – from 3 years. Increases surface strength by up to 2H points. Full drying time is 7 days, initial drying 24h, during which time the surface must not be waterlogged.The treatment ensures high gloss and good surface smoothness.
  • CarPro C.Quartz Professional ( only for certified installers ) Ceramic with good durability and excellent gloss. Increases the surface strength by up to 2H points. Full drying time is 7 days , initial drying 24h. Installation in one or two pieces at the time, fixing time 3-5min.
  • CarPro CQ.UK 3.0 ( over the counter ) Most popular ceramic for home installers. Durability up to 2 years, initial drying time 24h – during this time the surface must not get wet. Reaches full strength within 7 days. It must be applied piece by piece as the flashing time is 30 – 60 seconds. It is a protective ceramic with a medium degree of surface smoothness, and should therefore be treated with an additional hydrophobic coating such as CarPRo Reload.
  • CarPro C.Quartz SIC ( over the counter ) Easy to install ceramic protection that leaves a very deep gloss. Durability up to 18 months, initial drying time 24h and complete drying in 7 days. Increases surface strength by up to 2H points and should be applied in one or two pieces at the time.
  • CarPro D.Quartz GO ( over the counter ) New product, provides a very durable protective coating and is also suitable for home users. Increases surface strength by up to 5H points. Good abrasion resistance, high hydrophobicity and gloss. Resistant to UV radiation and good chemical resistance, can also be applied to metal surfaces.

Good to know ! Ceramic protection requires a very good substrate. It should be applied either on a new or freshly polished surface !

Aquacontrol® glass treatment

The glass treatment gives crystal clear visibility in different weather conditions, especially in the dark.

Aquacontrol® glass treatment is a glass wax substitute that effectively repels water and slush from the glass surface. The wind generated by the movement of the car removes water droplets from the glass with Aquacontrol® and with less use of windscreen wipers.

Aquacontrol® is easy to use, and you don’t even need to remove the old layer – just clean the glass.

The benefits of Aquacontrol® are:

  • Safer driving

  • More driving comfort

  • Clearer view in bad weather conditions

  • Reduces glare during the dark period

  • Easier removal of insects, snow and ice from the glass

  • Lasts up to 20.000 km on windscreens and up to 60.000 km on side windows.

  • A lighter load for glass cleaners

  • Easy and quick to apply to glasses

Aquacontrol® glass treatment is the easiest way to increase driving safety and reduce windscreen wear!


The ceramic coating gives your car an unparalleled shine while protecting your car body from scratches, dirt and harsh environmental elements. The ceramic coating has a gloss and protection that will make your car incomparable.

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After picking up your car, do not touch or wash the bodywork for 12-24 hours. Wash the car for the first time three weeks after treatment. Use a non-contact wash. Do not use aggressive chemicals and strong sponges for cleaning. Do not polish the surface. This will damage the integrity of the protection.

The lifetime of a ceramic tile depends on the product installed and the conditions of use. It can usually last from a few months to several years.

Yes, ceramic coatings can be used on plastic and glass surfaces.

Its effectiveness can be tested after a car wash by watching the water run off the surface. If the water forms beads and slides off easily, the coating is still effective.

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