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Protecting your car’s headlights with PPF (Paint Protection Film) makes sense for several reasons:

Scratch prevention: car headlamps are susceptible to scratches and abrasion, especially when driving on roads with lots of sand, stones and flying debris. In particular, when you drive on rough roads and road debris, especially when there is a lot of chunky road surfaces and chalky road surfaces. PPF film forms a physical barrier that protects the headlights from such damage. In addition, the film has a selfhealing surface, which means that scratches will heal away from the surface when exposed to heat.

Stone-chips protection: stones and other debris are often thrown on the road, which can cause stone chips, or small impacts on headlights. Small objects may cause headlights to break or crack.

Longer lifetime: The protective film helps to extend the life of headlamps by acting as a physical barrier against damage. In addition, it provides lasting protection and freshness, eliminating the need for further polishing or restoration.

UV protection: The PPF film provides ultraviolet (UV) protection. Long-term exposure to UV radiation can cause fading and ageing of plastic materials. Long exposure to UV light can cause deterioration of the plastic film, which can lead to UV degradation.

Maintains the appearance of the car: Clear and undamaged headlights are an important part of a car’s appearance. By keeping the headlamps aesthetically pleasing, headlamp tinting helps to maintain the aesthetics of the headlamps and thus the overall appeal of the car.

Maintains value: if you plan to sell your car in the future or want to maintain its value, a car headlight protection film can be a good investment. Washing becomes easier and light clarity lasts longer

Easier maintenance: the protective film makes maintenance of the headlamps easier by protecting them from dirt and dust. Making them easier to wash and keeping them clearer for longer.

All in all, the protective film helps to maintain the condition and appearance of your car’s headlights and protects them from various external influences that can affect their appearance and performance. We use well known manufacturers of protective films for headlamps: Xpel, Lumar, CarPro Immortal.

Attention! Polishing lights does not remove deep scratches and spots, but gives them as much sparkle and transparency as can be achieved without restoring the plastic.


Car headlamps are constantly exposed to negative influences: sand, gravel, bitumen, dust, road reagents and car chemicals. The most damaging to the factory’s protective coating is the sun’s UV rays. These factors cause damage to the headlamp plastic coating, scratches, cracks and abrasion.

You can certainly have a damaged headlight polished or restored, but it’s easier and more economical to have the headlights coated with protective film from new so that no damage or sunlight can damage your car’s lights. If any major damage occurs to the film over time, the film is easily replaceable and the headlamp surface will remain like new.

Important to know! Lights restoration is very different from polishing, both in terms of cost and time.


It is certainly just as necessary to have the rear lights shined as the front lights. Tail lights also become dull, yellow and scratchy over time. Tail light deterioration is also affected by various external environmental factors such as stones, bitumen and UV radiation.

Restoring the rear lights, either by polishing or varnishing, is also possible if the lights are in poor condition. In terms of cost, however, the best option is to have them polished. We recommend that tail lights are polished to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle as well as safety, as clear tail lights become more visible to other drivers.
Advice on how to store lights:

if possible, park the car indoors to protect the lights from UV rays.

fit protective films to the lights to protect them from scratches and stone spills.

bring deteriorated headlights to be restored to improve visibility when driving.

Good to know ! It is often more complicated to replace the rear lights than the headlights. Tinted film can also be used.


Tinting your vehicle’s lights is an easy way to change the look of your car. Original lights are often orange or red and make your car look dingy. Tinting the lights dark makes the car look more respectable, and the lights blend in better with tinted car windows, which are also black.

Tinting with toon film also provides a protective effect, as the film protects the lights from stone spots and scratches. It should be noted, however, that tinting lights also slightly alters the light transmission, so tinting is strictly at your own risk. We recommend this service only for drivers who have no problems driving in the dark.

Important! Although this is done, tinting of car headlights is not allowed in Estonia and is done at your own risk.


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The lifetime of a protective film depends on the quality of the film and the conditions of use. Typically it can last 5-10 years.

A good quality protective film should not affect the luminous intensity or colour of the headlamps, but cheaper films may have a slight effect on brightness and colour.

The installation time depends on the complexity of the headlights and the experience of the installer. It usually takes 1-2 hours.

Yes, the protective film may hide minor scratches and defects, but in the case of serious damage they may remain visible.

Yes, it can be done, but it requires certain skills and tools. You can buy headlight film shrouds from our dealership. For the best and longest lasting result, we recommend professional installation.

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