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Light restoration and light polishing are different services. If your headlights have lost their brightness and clarity, headlight polishing is the right solution.

Front and rear lights made of plastic will fade over the years and develop lines, scratches and spots. It’s not just the appearance of your car that suffers when your lights are scuffed and blurred. The optical properties of the lights are also affected. The light beam becomes dull and diffused, which significantly reduces driving safety.

Light polishing is more suitable for newer cars with scratched lights, but where the protective varnish is still in good condition (not faded or yellowed). The polishing time depends on the condition of the lights, but on average it takes 10-15 minutes per light.

Important to know! Polishing lights does not remove deep scratches and spots, but gives them as much sparkle and transparency as can be achieved without restoring the plastic.


There are two different methods of light restoration, UV technology and chemical restoration. With these methods we can restore up to 95% of the luminous intensity of dimmed lights.

The fading of plastic car lights is caused by ageing, different weather conditions, improper cleaning, sand flying from under the car wheels, etc. Not only does the external appearance of a faded light suffer, but the light from the lamp also becomes dimmed and diffused, reducing road safety.

The restoration of headlights involves sanding off old varnish and stubborn stains and using special technologies and tools that allow the lights to maintain good clarity over time. In the case of UV technology, the headlamps are coated with a UV protective varnish. In the case of chemical restoration, the lights are treated with a heated chemical that restores the original brilliance of the glass.

Attention! Restoring headlights is very different from polishing, both in terms of cost and time.


Protecting lights with PPF film is a good way to prevent scratches and fading. By protecting your car lights, there will be no need to restore them later, a much more expensive and time-consuming service.

We only use premium series XPel protective films, which have a 5-10 year warranty, depending on the manufacturer. In addition, the film has a self-healing surface, which means that scratches will heal from the film surface when exposed to heat. Thanks to its self-repairing properties, the protective film is in good condition at all times and, of course, so are the car headlights, which stay new.

Protective headlight film is the most suitable service for a new car. New lights are still bright and unworn. If the lights are already stained and scratched, a prior polishing or restoration is necessary.


Rear-light polishing or restoration involves the restoration or repair of the clarity and visibility of the plastic lenses of the rear part of the vehicle’s lights.

Like the headlights, the taillights are also exposed over time to external conditions that can damage them. The main ones are stones, bitumen and UV radiation. All of these factors cause the lights to become dull and scratchy, and the visibility of the lights to the reversing driver deteriorates, which is no longer safe.

Polishing the rear lights increases safety by making the lights more visible to the reversing driver, but not only. Bright and clear car lights make the overall appearance of the car visually more attractive.

Advice on how to maintain your lights:

  • if possible, park the car indoors to protect the lights from UV rays.

  • fit protective films to the lights to protect them from scratches and stone spills.

  • bring deteriorated headlights to be restored to improve visibility when driving.

For information ! The best and longest lasting protection is provided by the PPF self-extinguishing film !


Tinting the lights is an easy way to change the look of your car. Original lights are often orange or red and make your car look dingy. Tinting the lights makes the car look more respectable, and they go better with tinted car windows that are also black.

Tinting the lights also gives a protective effect, as the film protects the lights from stones and scratches. It should be noted, however, that tinting the lights also slightly alters the light transmission. Tinting is therefore strictly at your own risk. We recommend this service only to drivers who have no problems driving in the dark.

Important! Although it is done, tinting of car headlights is not allowed in Estonia and is done at your own risk.


Over time, car headlamps become dimmer and the intensity of light decreases. We restore up to 95% of the original luminous intensity!

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If possible, park the vehicle indoors to protect the fires from UV rays and harsh weather conditions, or consider fitting a protective film to protect the fires from scratches, stones and other possible damage.

If possible, park the vehicle indoors to protect the fires from UV rays and harsh weather conditions, or consider fitting a protective film to protect the fires from scratches, stones and other possible damage.

We recommend polishing for newer cars that have surface scratches. Restoration is necessary for dull and yellowed lights. Up to 95% of the original luminosity is restored.

Yes, lights can also be restored at home using a light restoration kit or available tools and materials.

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