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Pre-cut films – according to your request, we can pre-cut both PPF protective films (paint protection film for cars) and tinted films for windows. The pre-cut method, i.e. pre-cutting the films, greatly simplifies the installation of films on complex parts. It also helps to optimise the cost of the film – as PPF film is quite expensive, accurate material consumption saves both money and the environment.

Many coating centres and paint shops are faced with the challenge of protective filming complex parts. After a vehicle has been painted, it is often necessary to re-install stone shields in critical areas. Ready-made templates, i.e. pre-cut films, greatly simplify the process. In addition, there is no need to cut the shields on the surface of the vehicle. It does not matter whether the films are for bumpers, headlights, doorlink bases or entire parts. Pre-cutting of protective films is possible for all surfaces.

Of course, it is also possible to apply the shields without templates. Such work requires sufficient installation experience, as the film is applied to the parts by overlapping. The excess is cut off on the surface of the car, which means that a very precise hand is needed to avoid damaging the car’s paintwork. Pre-cut films therefore greatly facilitate installation, speed it up and also reduce the risk of damage to the paintwork. A big advantage of pre-cut films is also the saving of materials. You don’t need to be a professional to install pre-cut films – simpler parts can be filmed with just a little knowledge.

When it comes to glass tinting, pre-cut films have several advantages. The ready-made template fits exactly to the shape of the car glass and is much easier to install. In addition, all cuts are perfectly straight. All you have to do is clean the glass and put the film in place! This is especially true for large and complex or difficult to reach triangular side windows.

We use high-precision Japanese GRAPHTEC equipment to cut the films. We use three different catalogues of ready-made templates, which is probably the largest database available. We can therefore find a solution for every wish and car model.


There are two methods to install a protective film on the body of a car: covering the whole part with an overlay or installing a pre-cut film.

In the first case, cutting the edges of the film with a knife is unavoidable. Given the thickness of the film and the experience of the installer, it is almost impossible in most cases to cut the film evenly along all the edges without damaging the varnish. The blade of the knife used to cut the protective film is very sharp and even light pressure can cut through the film. In most cases, damage occurs when it is necessary to remove the film from the surface. In the worst case, this becomes apparent when rust starts to form around the edges of the films.

In other cases, an electronically cut film template is used for installation. Ready cut films have perfect edges, the cuts are straight and all the bends are in the right place. The films look just like the factory protective films.Each cut is made for a specific car! The use of electronic patterns saves on shielding and reduces installation time.

valmis lõigatud kiled

Paint protection film for self-installation! If you would like to install the shield yourself on small parts (behind door handles, bumper guards, headlights, etc.), our shop can cut the shields to fit your model. To do this, come to our showroom where you can select the appropriate films and the parts you want to have shielded. HERE you can view the available templates. As shielding requires some basic knowledge and practice, we can provide introductory training and tutorials on request. We also have a range of shielding accessories available to purchase if you wish.

PAY ATTENTION! Special care must be taken when installing the film on multimedia screens. It is better not to experiment yourself.


Pre-cut tinted films, for tinting glass, offer a number of advantages that make the process more efficient and of higher quality:

  • Precise fit to the size and shape of the window. The pre-made templates are carefully drawn to fit perfectly with the glass of the specific vehicle. No need to cut the film after installation.
  • Pre-cut films simply need to be fitted to the windows. No prior fitting and cutting is required.
  • Professional appearance. Precisely fitting films with perfect edges leave the glass looking neat. The edges of the film do not ripple and are beautifully straight. This is especially important for new and expensive cars where quality cannot be compromised.
  • Preservation of factory glass. There is no risk of scratches and cuts on the surface when installing ready-cut films. This is essential to maintain the manufacturer’s car warranty.

SAVE UP! It is particularly convenient to use stencils with expensive tinting films such as athermal and chameleon films. No need to buy a whole roll!


To protect problematic areas, a thicker protective film is used than a standard paint protection film. Such areas are usually the lower parts of doors, especially the rear door swing-outs. Also the wing flaps in front of the rear wheels – these areas are usually damaged by flying stones from under the front wheels.

As a rule, protective films are fitted in these areas at the factory. Often the factory films are somewhat small and could still cover a larger area. In addition, the need to replace the film after bodywork or painting is a topical issue. We offer all paint shops the possibility to quickly order pre-cut films, which can be easily installed by anyone.

In case you want to have a paint protection film installed on your car in our workshop and under the supervision of our trained staff, you will find all the necessary information HERE.

NB: Before ordering the film, we recommend that you take a photograph of the entire side so that we can accurately prepare or install the required anti-gravel film.


Auto ostmine on suur investeering, seega peaks autole pakkuma ka parimat võimalikku kaitset. PPF kaitsekile paigaldamisega kaitsete autovärvi vigastuste ja tuhmumise eest, säilitades auto väärtust ning head väljanägemist pikaks ajaks.



We advise you to read the frequently asked questions and perhaps you will find the answer for your question. Or send us your question by filling out the form below.

nstalling protective films requires some basic knowledge and some nuances. For heavier and larger parts, self-wrapping will certainly not work the first time. Once you get the hang of some of the techniques, fitting small parts such as lights, rear bumper guards, etc. should not be a problem.

If the films are stored properly, they can be stored for a long time before installation and nothing will happen to them.

In order to find the right template, you need to enter the exact details of your vehicle and its equipment level into the programme. We can then find and cut out the right films for you. In short, accurate car data is the most important thing.

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