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One of the fastest wearing leather parts in a car, besides the driver’s seat, is the steering wheel. The reason is simple – constant friction over time causes irreversible damage to the leather. Leather damage can often be repaired and preserved if noticed in time, but after enough time leather renewal becomes inevitable. Leathering the steering wheel is necessary for several reasons:

  • Wear: Over time, steering wheel leather can wear and become sticky.
  • Comfort: Sticky and worn leather can be uncomfortable for the driver. The new leather ensures a softer and more pleasant feeling when handling the steering wheel.
  • Aesthetics: The worn leather of the steering wheel spoils the interior of the car. Changing the leather helps to renew the car’s appearance, making it more modern and well-maintained.
  • Resistance to damage: The new leather is more resistant to wear and damage, ensuring a longer life for the steering wheel.
  • Increasing the value of the car: If you plan to sell the car, leathering the steering wheel will increase the value of the car, as the appearance of the car contents will become more well-maintained and attractive.

It is important to remember that changing the leather of the steering wheel should be done by professionals to ensure the high quality of the work and the durability of the material.

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The leather steering wheel wears out the fastest in cars with a diesel engine. When refueling a car with a diesel engine, destructive chemicals get on your hands, which slowly destroy the leather covering of the steering wheel. In addition to the steering wheel, the gear shift knob and the handbrake lever also suffer from this negative effect.

Regardless of the car’s engine, the main cause of wear and tear is hand grease and sweat, which oxidize over time and wear down the leather through friction. Climatic conditions, such as large temperature changes from year to year and the accumulation of moisture in the cabin, also play a role. Continuous cleaning and maintenance of the leather steering wheel will help to significantly extend the life of the leather steering wheel. You can read how to care for the leather here.

Tip: Cleaning the leather steering wheel is an important activity. You can do it yourself or bring it to us: leather care.


Alcantara is a unique and special material. It is a durable, soft and velvety material that gives the vehicle its originality, luxury and is very comfortable to hold. The steering wheel can also be partially covered with Alcantara, using it as a design element.

Alacantara steering wheel

Covering the steering wheel with alcantara is also very popular for sports steering wheels, as the velvety surface provides a significantly better grip with hands or driving gloves. If the steering wheel or any other surface of your vehicle is covered with alcantara, you must have noticed that the velvety surface tends to get dirty more easily. Therefore, consistent and high-quality skin care is very important for this material. The surface must be cleaned constantly to prevent sweat and sebum from eating into the leather.

Good to know ! In the case of the steering wheel covered with Alcantara, keeping your hands clean and constantly cleaning the steering wheel helps to maintain the velvety surface.


For the most part, car enthusiasts focus on chrome, spoilers and other beauty details when it comes to the appearance of a vehicle. Why not consider the steering wheel design as well?

Changing the look and shape of your steering wheel is a process that can bring a number of benefits, including:

  • Better feeling of comfort: Changing the shape of the steering wheel can make it more comfortable for the driver. For example, the shape of the steering wheel can be adjusted to better suit the shape of the driver’s hands or preferred driving style.
  • Better grip and control: The steering wheel can be reshaped for better grip and control. This is especially important in sports cars or high-powered cars where precise steering is required.
  • Personalization: Specially designed steering wheels make the car more individual and unique. Drivers have the option to choose the shape and style of the steering wheel that reflects their taste and style.
  • Better ergonomics: Many drivers feel tension in their hands or wrists during long drives. Changing the shape of the steering wheel can improve its ergonomics, reducing the strain on the hands and wrists and making longer drives more comfortable.
  • Increase the value of the car: Cars with unique or custom-made steering wheels can be more valuable in the used market because they offer something that sets the car apart from others.

Despite all the advantages, it is important to remember that changing the shape of the steering wheel should be done by professionals to ensure safety and quality of work.

Get yourself a steering wheel that will put a smile on your face every time you get into the car. In our workshop, we also make steering wheels with a special design, the leather and sewing style, leather tones and thread color can be chosen by you.

Steering wheel leathering is a service that we can offer for all steering wheels, regardless of car model, year of release, etc.


You don't always have to replace a worn leather wheel with a new one. We can cover your vehicle's steering wheel with new leather - for an original or completely new look and design.

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It is possible to change the leather on a heated steering wheel, but it is a process that can be more complicated than on a conventional steering wheel and you should definitely examine this possibility. On some steering wheels, it is not possible to remove worn leather and the only option is to cover it with new leather layer. Note that if a heated steering wheel is upholstered, the steering wheel will warm up more slowly and the circumference will be slightly thicker.

Yes, it is possible to upholster a plastic steering wheel. This can significantly improve the look and feel of your vehicle.

Yes, it is possible. During a steering wheel redesign, you can discuss with a specialist the possibility of changing the shape or design of your steering wheel to better suit your preferences and driving style.

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