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Glass repair is a cost-effective alternative to glass replacement!

A damaged windscreen reduces visibility and poses a risk to passengers. A stone chips in the windscreen can be filled and its cracking can be stopped. We use Glasweld technology to repair glass damage.

Damage to the windscreen can be of different shapes, sizes and lengths. As a rule, they are caused by stone chips (or incorrect replacement of the rubber of the windscreens), which can cause different shapes of damage or scratches. Scratches can also be removed from other types of automotive glass, including roof glass.

A glass repair for a stone stain on the windscreen is effective at the beginning of the damage, when the stain has not yet become a crack and no dirt has entered.

Each injury on the windscreen is individual. Contact us for a FREE consultation and we’ll help you make the right choice about whether it’s worth it to have the glass repaired or whether it needs to be replaced.


The spot damage represents localised damage to the glass. It is usually accompanied by short cracks around it. Visibility is usually not reduced by the speckle.

Täkke klaasiparandus

The main danger is that the damage reduce the strength of the glass and at any moment the damage can develop into longer cracks and fissures. The risk of glass cracks starting from a spot is particularly high when the car is driven on a road with uneven surfaces, and also during sudden changes in air temperature (e.g. in winter, when using the cabin heater).

Is it worth repairing your car windows when spots appear? The answer is clearly yes. It is significantly easier to repair spots than cracks, and it is certainly cheaper to repair spots on the windscreen than to replace the whole glass.

Attention! We recommend that you cover any spots or cracks with transparent film as soon as possible to prevent dirt and water from getting in.


Cracks are an inconvenience because they reduce the transparency of the glass. This is due to the fact that light refracts in the glass in a crack situation: glass-air (inside the crack) – glass. As long as the crack is small, the obstruction to transparency is low and the crack does not hinder the driving of the car, but the crack can increase at any moment. Worse, the crack can spread in several different directions. Therefore, glass repairs must be carried out in time.

Klaasimõra täitmine

A widened crack is less repairable than a small crack. In addition, a large crack on the windscreen can be an obstacle to passing a car inspection test.

Attention! We recommend that you cover any spots or cracks with transparent film as soon as possible to prevent dirt and water from getting in.


Many of us are familiar with the unpleasant sensation of unsightly scratches on the surface of glass. Scratches on car glass can be caused by sand that gets between the rubber or seals on the windscreen and the glass, as well as between the underpinnings of car windows and the rubber seals. Scrapers are often used to remove ice from the glass.

Glass polishing is possible with the following glass types:

  • Tempered glass – partition walls, car side windows, rear car glass, skylights.

  • Laminated glass – car front and rear windows, skylights, panoramic roofs

In the case of superficial damage, the transparency of the glass can be restored. Using a special technology and dedicated materials and equipment, scratches can be eradicated without a trace and forever. Glass scratches are removed by grinding and then the glass is polished to a brilliant shine.

We recommend the use of glass wax, which reduces friction and scratches on the windscreen.

A simple test: if the nozzle gets stuck in the scratch when sliding over the scratch, it is a deep scratch and the glass may start to distort after polishing. Therefore, in some cases it is easier and cheaper to buy new glass to get rid of very deep scratches.


Many of us are familiar with the unpleasant feeling of scratches after cleaning the glass from ice and snow. Often, ice scrapers with metal tips or even snow shovels are used to clean the glass – one of the main reasons why people come to us for glass polishing during the winter. The metal tip and the grains of sand immediately cause scratches on the glass that may not be visible from the outside, but when you look out of the saloon, the view is significantly distorted.

The wisest thing to do is to use glass wax on the windows, which will create a more slippery coating, and to plan your journeys well in advance to allow time for the car to warm up a little, which will make it much easier to remove the ice. Plastic-tipped scrapers should also be used.

Important! Scrapes caused by a metal scraper are usually completely removable !


Say goodbye to prominent spots or cracks and hello to crystal clear views! A damaged windscreen is more than an inconvenience - it's a safety hazard. Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art techniques to restore clarity and integrity to your windscreen, getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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We advise you to read the frequently asked questions and perhaps you will find the answer for your question. Or send us your question by filling out the form below.

Depends on the crack or trap - both its size and its location. Usually smaller cracks and fissures can be repaired. Our specialist can assess the extent of the damage and recommend the best course of action.

Repair usually takes around 30 minutes to an hour, but this can vary depending on the extent of the damage..

The repair will significantly increase the visibility of the crack, but a small trace may still remain. However, the main purpose of repair is to restore the structural strength of the glass.

In most cases, the repair of the windscreen will be covered by your car insurance. However, this depends on the terms of your policy.

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