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Self-service car washes have become increasingly popular among car owners, but when washing your car yourself, it’s important to be aware of some nuances to avoid damaging your vehicle. Self-service stations provide all necessary equipment from pre-wash detergent to hot wax. Using additional additives you bring along can enhance the results even further.

When using a high-pressure washer, it’s crucial to do so correctly to avoid damaging the car’s surface. Maintaining a sufficient distance (ideally 30cm) between the car and the nozzle is essential. The minimum distance depends on the manufacturer, as spraying pressures and other parameters vary. Improper use may cause significant damage, especially to sensitive areas like rubber seals, tire sidewalls, and plastic parts. Even protective coatings like wax can easily be stripped away.

During pressure washing, maintain an optimal distance of at least 30cm between the pressure washer gun and the car’s surface, and not less than 10cm.

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We often receive inquiries about paint damage, typically found on the front of the car, such as the bumper or hood. The only solution for repairing such damage is repainting, a time-consuming and costly process. Many car owners are unaware that misuse of a pressure washer can cause such damage. When seeing insect stains or stone chips on the car, there’s often an attempt to remove them by spraying very closely with the pressure washer, but this isn’t the right way to remove dirt. Special pre-soaking agents, not pressure washing, are used to remove dirt effectively.

When pressure washing a car, keep the pressure washer gun at a 90-degree angle to the car’s body to prevent water from getting beneath the clear coat. Washing at an angle is strongly discouraged, as water may penetrate the clear coat, and stickers placed on the car may peel off due to water pressure.

Intense pressure washing or holding the nozzle too close to the surface can force water under the clear coat, causing the aforementioned paint damage. Whether the damage is significant or minor, repainting is necessary to fully address it. But how to remove insect stains? The only way to remove deeply ingrained insect stains is to use a specially formulated insect remover and sponge.

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Another lesser-known truth applies to dark cars: if the car has been sitting in the sun and the surface is hot, it should be cooled before washing. Applying pre-wash detergent to a hot car can leave marks, and it’s likely to dry out before washing even begins. To cool the car, it’s recommended to keep it shaded or cool the surface with cold water.

For many car owners, car washing is a straightforward process – water, shampoo, water. However, for the best results, the use of pre-soaking agents is necessary, which are readily available at self-service stations. The pre-soak fluid we use at our dealership ensures deep cleaning of the entire car body, thanks to its enzyme-rich composition. It’s an easily applied spray-on pre-soak, which should be applied before washing.

Detailed washing procedures:

  • Ensure there’s ample space to move around the car so that the distance between the pressure washer nozzle and the car’s surface is approximately 30cm.
  • If wheel cleaning or tar removal is necessary, these products can be brought to the car wash and applied before the pre-soak.
  • Start applying the pre-soak to the lowest parts of the car (side skirts, wheels, bumpers, fenders, doors). Then wait for the pre-soak to penetrate through layers of dirt and dissolve it.
  • After pre-soaking, start pressure washing. Move the pressure washer from top to bottom and keep the nozzle at a 90-degree angle to the car’s body.
  • If the car is heavily soiled and you’re using shampoo and a brush for washing, ensure the brush has enough shampoo on it to prevent wash marks later. Before washing, check that the brush isn’t dirty or excessively worn, as it could damage the car’s surface. If scratches have been caused on the car, only polishing can help.
  • When rinsing off shampoo and dirt residue, don’t skimp on water, or shampoo residue may remain.
  • To prevent spotting during drying, the car should be dried manually using specialized drying towels. A water blade squeegee is also a useful tool that speeds up the process.

After washing the car, it’s advisable to use either a water blade squeegee or a proper drying towel. If you let the vehicle air dry after washing, dried water spots and streaks will remain on the surface. The purpose of using a water blade squeegee is to expedite the process – it effortlessly removes most of the water from the car’s surface, resulting in fewer visible streaks than usual. Using a drying towel ensures the best results but requires more effort.

After using a drying towel or water blade squeegee, give the car a final touch with a microfiber cloth to achieve an ideal and flawless appearance. A microfiber cloth removes the last water droplets and streaks, ensuring a spotless finish.

All car washing accessories can be found at our dealership or online store.

When drying the car, make sure it’s properly cleaned; otherwise, you risk rubbing the surface with sand particles.

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