Ceramic or wax? Which is better for Estonia?

Ceramic coatings have recently been used more and more in car body protection, and many people have a question: Which is better for protecting car paintwork classic wax or modern “ceramics”?

What is car wax?

There are several varieties of the so-called hard wax a> which is rubbed with a soft sponge and rubbed with microfiber.
Given the conditions of car washing and the chemicals used, it would be correct to divide them into two categories: polymeric and based on natural carnauba wax. In the production of hard waxes, solvents, beeswax, and Carnauba wax or wax from artificial polymers are used as a base. The purpose of hard waxes is to fill micropores, which means to give the surface a shine, water and dirt repellent lotus effect. Some waxes have special additives to reduce the effects of UV exposure.

Why did we divide them into two categories: polymer and carnauba?
The answer is quite simple and tested on my own experience. If we compare the state of “dirty” roads and the “softness” of asphalt between the Baltic States and Europe, then we can say with confidence that cars in Estonia get dirty more and faster. To wash bitumen, metal dust and all other dirt, rather aggressive detergents are used (because otherwise the car simply cannot be washed), but unfortunately this also affects the wax, because due to aggressive chemistry its “dissolution” is faster. Therefore, a natural carnauba car wax is more suitable for the summer months from spring to autumn, while a synthetic hard wax is better for winter. This is especially important when bitumen is washed off with solvents, and solvents also affect natural wax.

Lifetime of car body wax:
With a moderate and non-aggressive car wash, wax will retain its properties for no more than six months. After this period, it is necessary to apply a new layer of wax again in order for the car to shine, repel water and dirt.

Hard wax benefits:
1. Natural and environmentally friendly product
2. Easy to apply (the main thing is to wash the car well)
3. Hides the smallest scratches
4. Gives a fresher look to the car

Quite easy to wash off in winter when using a bitumen remover
To maintain the protection of the car paint for a long time, it is necessary to apply the coating periodically, but at least 2 times a year.

What is ceramic coating?

Liquid glass or ceramics – this is how modern ceramic coatings are commonly called. Any ceramic coating is based on a liquid polymer with different percentages of silica. This ingredient is used in various chemical fields, as well as in the manufacture of glass and some ceramic products.

Ceramic coatings are the exact opposite of hard waxes and are based on inorganic components. Ceramics can also be divided into several groups, but the only difference will be the percentage of silica in the applied component. The higher the percentage of silica, the longer the service life, but the less hydrophobic effect, and due to the high level of atomic bonding, ceramics have increased adhesion to car paint. Coatings with a lower silica content are used to improve the water repellency.
Also ceramic coatings provide stronger protection against UV radiation (paint color fading).

1. The car body covered with ceramic coating retains its original appearance much longer
2. The service life of ceramics depends on the percentage of silica in the composition.
3. The best protection against UV rays, and therefore against oxidation
4. Due to the very large hydrophobic effect, the car is easier to wash and dry
5. Protects well against fine sand scratches, less impact from bird droppings
6. Long-term preservation of a more intense car shine

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