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Many people are familiar with the unpleasant feeling caused by unsightly scratches on the glass surface. Did you know that it is possible to polish and refresh glass? Instead of replacing the damaged side or rear glass of the car with a new and more expensive one, you can polish the glass using GlasWeld technology. This saves both time and money. Glass polishing is possible to grind many types of glass. There is a clear step-by-step process for carrying out the work, from cleaning to sanding and finishing with polishing. When polishing glasses, the general condition of the glass should be observed. Since glass polishing is a very time-consuming job, it is reasonable to remove individual disturbing scratches. If the windshield of the vehicle is completely covered with stone chips and damage, grinding and polishing the entire glass is no longer financially reasonable. In this case, it is often cheaper to replace the glass.

With the glass grinding and polishing solution, you can:

  • Save time and costs
  • Be flexible
  • You will get a quality result
  • Permanently remove individual annoying scratches


Polishing glass scratches is possible with the following types of glass:

  • Tempered glass — partitions, car side windows, rear car glass, sunroofs
  • Laminated glass — car front and rear windows, sunroofs, panoramic roof

Scratches on the car glass can be caused by sand that gets between the rubber of the wipers and the glass. Also between roll-down glasses and rubber seals of car doors. The result is a few deep scratches that interfere with the driver’s field of vision. The surface of tempered glasses is significantly stronger, which is why polishing the glass is somewhat more time-consuming than in the case of other types of glass.

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In case of superficial damage, the transparency of the glass can be quickly restored. With the help of special technology, using the materials and equipment intended for this purpose, scratches are eliminated without a trace and forever. Glass scratches are removed by sanding and then the glass is polished again to shine. By grinding and polishing the scratches, the surface of the glass is processed thinner. Which means that with deeper scratches, there is a risk that the glass will be distorted afterwards. Distortion occurs because the surface of the glass is no longer completely uniform. 

We also recommend using glass wax, which reduces friction and scratches on the cleaners.

A simple test: If the nail, when sliding over the scratch, gets stuck in the scratch, then it is a deep scratch and the glass may begin to distort after polishing. Therefore, polishing is not always wise.


Unwashable spots and flickering often appear on the glasses. Most of the time, they are visible after washing the car – outside the wipers area, the glass surface has become cloudy. Such an unwashed layer generally occurs in winter when road maintenance products are used. Dirt mixed with salt deposits on the windshields and creates an unremovable layer on them.

Polishing the glass is one solution to make dirt removal quick and effortless. The result is perfectly clean and shiny glass. It is also possible to remove resin stains and everything else.

After polishing the glasses, we recommend AquaControl treatment of the glasses. As a result, the glass surfaces become water and dirt repellent.


Many people are familiar with the unpleasant feeling when, after cleaning the glass from ice and snow, scratches become visible. Ice scrapers with a metal tip or even snow shovels are often used for cleaning glass – this is one of the main reasons why people turn to us for glass polishing during the winter. The metal tip and sand grains immediately cause scratches on the glass, which may not be visible from the outside at first, but significantly disturb the view when looking out of the cabin. Glass polishing removes such winter damage quickly and conveniently.

It would be most reasonable to use glass wax on the glasses, which creates a more slippery layer on the glasses. Also, if possible, plan your trips in advance so that you have time to warm up the car a bit, which greatly simplifies the removal of ice. Scrapers with plastic tips should also be used.

Important! Scratches caused by a metal scraper are mostly completely removable!


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Yes, in theory it is possible to remove almost all scratches by polishing. However, as glass polishing is a very time-consuming job, it is not financially viable to polish an entire windscreen, for example, as it would be cheaper to install new glass. You should also bear in mind that in the case of a deep scratch, the surface will be somewhat distorted afterwards, as the polishing process will grind the surface of the glass lower.

Yes, it is possible, but polishing glass requires special tools and polishing compounds, and often costs significantly more than new glass. Glass polishing also requires specialised knowledge - when polishing glass, the surface of the glass quickly becomes hot and can break. But if you learn the ropes and take the training, it can be done.

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